Advertising flagpoles made of aluminium

We offer segmented aluminium flagpoles in sizes from 5m to 10m, various types.

Not depending on material used flagpoles are accessible in following versions:

  • STANDARD - an advertising flagpole with tripwire outside, flag exposure depends on wind blasts,
  • BANNER - a flagpole with horizontal arm rotating adeqately to wind blasts, the flagpole has no tripwire,
  • SUPER - a flagpole with tripwire inside pole. It removes sound of tripwire hitting the flagpole and partialy removes risk of a flag being stolen,
  • SUPERWINDTRACKER - an advertising flagpole with tripwire inside a pole and with a horizontal arm rotating around the flagpole (this is a combination between Banner and Super versions).

We also offer service of flagpoles:

  • Conical flagpoles – single element construction thinning towards upper end,
  • Segmented flagpoles – consisting 2 or more aluminium segments of different diameters, connected with specialized reduction cornets,
  • Cylindrical flagpoles with aperture – it is the cylindrical aluminium flagpole with aperture which makes posible placing tripwire inside,
  • Polymer conical flagpoles – enhanced with fiberglass, made as single element tube narrowing towards upper end. Popularly called as the fiberglass flagpoles.

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