We have a flagpole accessories in our continous offer:

  • A flagpole header in SAS standard (classic darning egg)
  • A banner header (with 1,5m arm)
  • A turnable headers
  • Decorative flagpole topping balls, golden or silver
  • Top flagpole LED fixtures
  • Flag pitons
  • Foray bases for under car wheel for portable flagpoles
  • Screw-in footings for portable flagpoles made of steel or plastic
  • Steel flat circular footings for portable flagpoles
  • X-shaped footings for a high flagpoles – up to 12m
  • Water ballasts for flagpoles and banner frames
  • Plastic cleats
  • Superwindtrackers
  • Ring and chain weights for flagpoles
  • Bands for setting flags on flagpoles
  • Swivels
  • Hinges, anchors and barrels for flagpole mounting
  • Locks and keys for flagpoles
  • Polyester tripwires – normal and with kevlar core

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