A flag printing

For the flag to do its job, its essential, the flag is produced considering its work conditions. First of all it has to be environment and light resistant. And it has still to be light and flowy. We realize those demands perfectly. Depending on our long period experience, we offer flags that are not only aesthetical, but also durable. Flags in our offer are printed with a silkscreen or digital method.

A company flag became base outdoor promotional method. Source of its popularity lays in:

  • Possibility of exposition in almost every place
  • Provides fast and clear information about the company
  • Adds prestidge (considering historical annotation)
  • It is moving element of environment, which turns attention to itself.

We are able to print any flag you want. Please contact us to get an individual offer for your company.

We offer flags of any country of the world. In continued sale we have Polish flags and flags of European Union. You can find flags of religious or international organisations in our offer. Flags of counties, cities or boroughs are also there.

We offer flags printed with a silkscreen method or a digital print method. Silkscreen is a method of placing every color after another with especially made matrixes. Silkscreen flags are characterised with a high quality connected with a high durability.

Digital printing is fastest and easiest way to print flags. A sublimation method of printing gives possibility of printing the most subtle colors you want. Even in your photos. It is possible to print this way even a single flag.

Check out our shop at: http://www.sklep.flaganamaszt.pl/flagi-c-4.html

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