Informations about national symbols

Design brief about look and a way of exposure of the national flag and some other topics:

  • Polish flag consists of two parallel stripes of the same width placed horizontally (white and red).
  • The flag rectangle sides ratio is 5:8 in horizontal orientation.
  • In case of vertical exposition a white stripe has to be on the left side when looking from the front.
  • The flag must be clean, and can not be wrinkled or jagged.
  • The flag can not reach a lower end of the flagpole or to touch a floor in case of indoor exposition.
  • In case of exposition of more than one flag, acording to heraldry rules, host’s flag goes first. Rest of the flags (for example EU flag) should be displayed to the left of white-and-red flag. Is has its roots in chivalry tradition according to which more important was the right side of crested shield.
  • A white-and-red flag in some specific places should go together with EU flag, f.e. in sea or air ports and on every Polish border crossing post, that is also an EU border.
  • In case of exposition of a white-and-red flag together with other flags, their flagpoles has to be of the same size.