Portable flagpoles for events


A foldable flagpole consists of one or more cylindrical aluminium profiles of the same diameter connected with push-in method. It means that lower part of flagpole narrows in its upper end to fit in lower end of upper segment. It allows expanding a flagpole with another segments reaching height up to 6m – the flagpole has a diameter of 50 mm.

BANNER version is a flagpole with horizontal arm on top end fixed to turnable header. This flagpole lacks a tripwire so, to exchange flag you have, you have to lay down the whole flagpole.


A portable aluminium flagpole destind for exposition both out and indoors. It comes equiped with base fit to drive in ground or base fit to stand on a floor. It’s perfect form of advertisment for open air events, various expos or other events. Upper arm allows for flag exposition even if there is no wind blowing or indoors. Setting the flagpole is easy and quick, also its transportation is very cheap and convinient.

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