When buying flagpoles one of the main decision factors is its pricing. It is worth considering why there is so wide price range.

Most often it depends on a kind of a flagpole. An aluminium conical flagpole always has a higher price than a segmented flagpole and a composite conical flagpole. It is similar in case of a cylindrical flagpole with a rapture.

Flagpoles differs in versions. Standard flagpole, mostly chosen for a national flag exposition in safe places, has a different task than superwintracker advertising flagpole, which role consist of continued exposition of company flag in various winds. It affects pricing of materials used for a flagpole production.

Thickness of flagpole depend on size of a flag and its durability for a wind. It is worth it to ask salesman about. Flagpoles with higher pricing are made of thicker pipes: a conical aluminium flagpole and a cylindrical flagpole with a rapture. It is likewise in case of a glassfiber flagpoles, they differ in price depending on their thickness.

On auction sites very cheap flagpoles can be found. They are advertised as advertising flagpoles, while in fact they are just regular flagpoles, most often of a China production.

There are also stationery, and portable flagpoles. Stationery ones always has a higher price.

Below we will succesively be adding photos of repairs committed in cases of a broken flagpoles. Cheapness don’t go together with security for persons and property in range of a flagpole breaking.

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