I. Periodical servicing and mending of damaged flagpoles.

II. Flagpole mounting.

  • Po wskazaniu przez klienta miejsca montażu masztów, ekipa montażowa dokonuje wykopów fundamentowych wg instrukcji wykonania montażu stóp fundamentowychAfter a client shows where to mount the flagpole, we dig a foundation according to foudations lying instructions.
  • The second phase is concrete sinking of mounting parts.
  • After the period of 10 –14 days (time needed for a concrete to congeal) our workes do flagpole mounting, checking its verticality end eventually setting the flag itself.
  • During the process of mounting it is possible to train a user in managing flagpoles.

III. As part of “CLEAN FLAG” service:

  • Multiphase laundering of a flag in professional laundry,
  • An ironing and minor flag fixes,
  • A monthly survey of flagposts,
  • A monitoring and replacement of parts in need of replacing

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